Inspired by the centuries-old saying, “All roads lead to Rome,” The Fatima Center embarked on an intense media campaign to bring Our Lady's urgent Message for the release of the full Third Secret of Fatima to the very gates of the Vatican.  Appropriately named Target Rome, Phase I of this media blitz involved using a variety of means to encourage Pope Benedict XVI to release the Third Secret in its entirety, as well as to inform and move the public to prayer  and action.  The dedicated staff of The Fatima Center traveled to Rome and armed themselves with books, flyers and billboards to distribute throughout the city.  Through this campaign, more than 10,000 priests and bishops in Italy received a prepublication of the Italian version of the book The Secret Still Hidden.  During the week of October 19-26, 2008, over 200,000 flyers were strategically placed throughout Rome and many directed into the hands of high-ranking clergy.  Mobile and stationary billboards flooded the city and hundreds of people joined in a Rosary procession leading directly to the Vatican and St. Peter's Square.


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